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Genre(s) - Raw Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s) - Hatred, Misanthropy
Origin - Germany (Peiting, Bavaria)
Formed in - 2002
Last label - Undercover Records
Status - Split-up

Last known line-up:
Vargsang - Guitar, Bass, Vocals, Synths (Gorrenje, Graven (Deu), Nocti Vagus, Nordisches Blut)
Goatruler - Drums (Chant of Blasphemy, Megaera, Thurisaz (Deu), Winternight (Deu))

Additional notes:
Vargsang, the original leader of Graven (Deu), founded this as a solo project after leaving the band. Goatruler had joined as a permanent drummer after "Throne of the Forgotten", and various session guitarists have filled in for live gigs 2005-2008.
The band has split up by the end of 2008.

Vargsang has contributed to the Tormenting Legends II compilation (Blut & Eisen, 2006) with the exclusive track 'Crush the Whores'. Vargsang means "Wolf's Song" in Norwegian.


Call of the Nightwolves - Full-length, 2003
Vargsang / Armaggedon - Split, 2004
Throne of the Forgotten - Full-length, 2005
Werewolf of Wysteria - Full-length, 2008

Vargsang Oficial MySpace

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