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Anima Damnata

Genre(s) - Death/Black Metal
Lyrical theme(s) - Satanism, Anti-Christianity, Nihilism, Coprophilia
Origin - Poland (Wroclaw)
Formed in - 1996
Current label - Morbid Moon Records
Status - Active

Current line-up:
Master of Depraved Dreaming and Emperor of the Black Abyss the Great Lord Hziulquoigmzhah Cxaxukluth vel Necrolucas - Drums (Mord (Nor), Hell-Born, Shemhamforash)
Necrosodomic Corpse Molestator - Guitar, Vocals (Thunderbolt (Pol), Throneum, Azarath, Vermin Plague)
Necrosadistic Pavulon Injector and Ritual Devourer of Unborn Angelic Flesh - Bass


Reh - Demo, 2001
Suicidal Allegiance Upon The Sacrificial Altar Of Sublime Evil And - Demo, 2001
Gods of Abhorrence Split, 2002
Agonizing Journey Through the Burning Universe and Transcendental Ritual of Transfiguration - Full-length, 2003
Tormenting Pale Flesh of the Syphilic Holy Whore - EP, 2005
Atrocious Disfigurement of the Redeemer's Corpse at the Graveyard - Full-length, 2006

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